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Purchase credit units and use them for your meetings online. The units utilisation is calculated per minute of usage and per participant.


All options are included in this package.

24/7 Support : Yes

Duration : 100 Hours

Valid : 1 Year


Best Value


All options are included in this package.

24/7 Support : Yes

Duration : 300 Hours

Valid : 1 Year



All options are included in this package.

24/7 Support : Yes

Duration : 750 Hours

Valid : 1 year



All options are included in this package.

24/7 Support : Yes

Duration : 1500 Hours

Valid : 1 Year


Frequently Asked Questions

If you find no answer to your questions in the list below, please feel free to contact us.


How to register?

Go to the subscribe page and fill the register form. A confirmation email with your password will be sent to you.

Is your hardware compatible?

All hardware (webcam / mic / projector) is compatible with Visio-conf. You only need to have the latest Flash Player installed in your PC. You can test your hardware compatibility by trying our demo meeting

How to create a meeting?

The creation of a meeting is very intuitive. You need to define the participants of the meeting before you create it. You can also add or delete participants after the meeting creation. See this video description for more details.

Is it possible to integrate my website with Visio-conf service?

Sure! please contact us.

How to buy credits?

Connect to your account then go to "My balance". Secure payment is made through Paypal.

How is my credit debited?

Your credit is debited every 30 sec during the meeting. The debited amount is equal to 30 sec times the number of participants of the meeting.
A simulator that reflects the usage of credit is available in "My balance"

Are credits limited in time ?

Credits are valid for one year after the last recharge.

How to invite participants ?

While creating a meeting, if you check the "Send invitation to participants" box, an email will be sent to every participant of this meeting. This email will contain a link to the meeting. The participants will have only to click on this link to get connected to the meeting. Participants can access the meeting only when you are present in the meeting room (connected).

How to stop a meeting?

Simply return to the list of meetings in your account and click on the name of the conference call in progress (try refreshing the page if the information is not updated). Details of the meeting will then appear. Simply click "Stop this meeting"

What is the best practice for meetings with big number of participants?

To get the best service quality when a big number of participants are involved in a meeting, only the moderator (presenter) should share his/her webcam.

Are visio conference rooms secure and confidential?

Yes, the visio conference rooms are encrypted and secured by a password that only you know.

What is the difference between a moderator and a guest ?

Moderators manage the meeting. They give speech ability, display and annotate documents and can share their screen with other participants.

Guests can share their webcam, use chat and ask the moderator to have the ability to speech.

How to switch moderator ?

When you involve several presenters/moderators in the same videoconference, they can “pass the hand” with the button “new presenter” (in the users list window). So every guest can be a presenter if the moderator wants so (simply click on a name in the list and click on the “new presenter” button).

Desktop sharing works on all computers?

Yes, however it requires the installation of Java on the computer which is sharing the desktop.

Is it possible to join the videoconference from my smartphone?

Yes. Android as well as iOS are compatible with Visio-Conf.

Is it possible to join the videoconference from my MAC, Linux or Window ?

Yes, you just need to have a web browser with flash player. To test if you have Flash Player: . You can also test directly the demo meeting.

When I join a videoconference, the message ‘Unable to connect to server’ appears, what to do?

If you see the message “Can not connect to the server” when joining a video conference that means your computer can not make an outbound connection to the following ports:

Port 1935
Port 9123
Port 5060

Contact your administrator or your IT department, and give then this information.

Interested in trying VISIO-CONF

Check out the tutorial videos and then try it out on our demo server.