Where You Have Internet Access, You Can Join Meetings

Visio-Conf is built with teachers, students, and schools in mind.


Ideal tools for E-learning

Students chat to their tutor via live video, helping to build that important one-to-one rapport.
Resources such as essays, past papers and diagrams can be uploaded to the Online Lesson Space

Live whiteboard

The online whiteboard tool lets you draw up and brighten your unshaped ideas with pencil, highlighter, eraser, text, screen capture, etc. It makes interaction easier with more diverse and effective documents.


Sharing webcams

You can use high-definition video conferencing to meet face-to-face with your other session participants. All you need is an internet connection and a webcam to begin enjoying a telepresence-quality experience.

Suited for Freelancer Tutors

Online learning simplified!

Prepaid solution

You're free to connect whenever you want, as long as you want, until you run out of minutes. And you don't have to pay a monthly bill.

Integrations to your website

It is possible to integrate the visio conferencing module of Visio-Conf into your website. For that, we provide free technical assistance.

Technical Support

When your account is active, you benefit from a 24/7 technical assistance by phone or email.